First things first; I'd to offer you a sincere "thank you"! I think it's wonderful you have purchased Bolts Construction HTML template and I am confident you will enjoy using this product just as much as I did making it!

Template Features

StructurePress HTML template comes with the following features:

  • Built with Bootstrap 3
  • 26 fully coded and valid HTML5 pages
  • Working contact form
  • Fully functional and easy to configure Google maps on contact page
  • Well written, organized and indexed CSS


Installing this HTML template is as easy as uploading the files found in the html folder to a web server OR directly open the index.html file in your browser.

HTML Structure

The StructurePress HTML templates comes with the following 26 HTML files:

  • /404.html
  • /about-us.html
  • /accordion.html
  • /brochure-box.html
  • /contact-us.html
  • /design-build.html
  • /electrical-installation.html
  • /engineering-and-planing.html
  • /exterior-remodeling.html
  • /extras.html
  • /general-construction.html
  • /index.html
  • /metal-buildings.html
  • /news-single.html
  • /news.html
  • /number-counter.html
  • /our-projects.html
  • /pricing-list.html
  • /project-single-style-1.html
  • /project-single-style-2.html
  • /project-single-style-3.html
  • /project-single-style-4.html
  • /project-single-style-5.html
  • /project-single-style-6.html
  • /services.html
  • /skype-button.html

CSS Structure

The Bolts Construction HTML template comes with the following CSS files:

  • /css/googlefonts.css
  • /css/style.css

Contact Form

The Bolts Construction HTML template comes with a fully functional contact form. To make the form work, a PHP file named mail.php is included with the template.

By default, the form is setup to function "out of the box". The only things you would want to change, are the values of the $fromemail and $to variables in mail.php. This will allow you to specify which email address to send the form data to (and what's used as the "from" address).

Google Map

The Bolts Construction HTML template comes with a custom Google Map on the contact page. The map is pretty easy to configure. For starters, have a look at the head section of the HTML file. There, you will find a couple of lines of Javacript code which will allow you to set a custom address.

Further Google Map settings can be found in the /js/additionalScript.js file, starting at line 66.

This template contains an additional "sticky" navigation bar. This navigation only appears when scrolling down the page. This navigation is separate from the regular navigation and is found towards the bottom of the page (just before the external Javascript).

Please make sure to maintain the navigations ID attribute, as this is used to toggle the navigation when scrolling down the page. The navigation contains an additional attribute named "data-top" which can be used to control at what point the navigation will appear. For example, a value of 150 means the navigation will appear when the user has scrolled 150 pixels down from the top of the page.

Used Images and Fonts

All fonts used are provided by Google Fonts.

The original images used in the demo can be found on Shutterstock.